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  • While in the process of producing this design, I was a bit conflicted. I did not want to create something already on the market. The first sample came it was too plain for what I intended the end goal to be. I wanted so much to incorporate an African artistic twist to the design this time. However, I did not want to use anything which looks like the wax fabric prints, so I started to research symbolic and geometric patterns specifically understand the meaning behind each symbol used in the Adinkra (originally from Ghana) symbol collection. After few weeks of researching, I decided to use these:

      • The parallel zigzag – reminds the viewer to obey the path of the accentors which is often used to represent the fact that nothing in life is straightforward, and the path will be difficult to follow.
      • Hye Won Hye -The symbol denotes endurance and imperishability. Its meaning has been derived from the traditional priests walking barefooted on the fire without getting burned. Its role is to inspire other people to endure and overcome all types of challenges
      • The Diamond shape – royalty – shows dual lined roles as human and chief (Queen)/Woman and Queen
      • Circle – represents eternity/infinity (royal power and lineage
      • Nteasee - The Akan term for "understanding" It is an African symbol that represents understanding and cooperation. It urges people to be more considerate and compassionate towards one another.

      Detailed Features

        • - 100% Leather
        • - Length: 33.88 cm / 13 inches
        • - Height: 27.94cm /11 inches
        • - Lining: Textile - poly
        • - Depth: 30.48 cm / 12 inches
        • - Color: Chocolate brown 
        • - Back Pocket :1 - Zipper closure
        • - Inside pockets: 3
        • - Handle: Double
        • - Brass color hardware 
        • -Shoulder straps: 76.2 cm / 30 inches

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